Short Sale Negotiation Service for Seller and Buyer Real Estate Agents

Short Sale Negotiation Service for Real Estate Agents
If you are a real estate agent or broker, I can help you negotiate your short sale transactions. I work with Real Estate Agents throughout California and have completed 100s of short sales since 2006.

While I have a staff to assist me in Short Sale document collection and package preparation, I alone handle all communication with all parties involved in the transaction. You can be assured there is only one point of contact. I will negotiate with all lien holders, work with the escrow agent and communicate with the seller and buyer agents and the homeowner.

An effective short sale negotiator adds objectivity and neutrality to the transaction.

By hiring a specialist you become more professional in the eyes of your clients.

Homeowners and Buyers are more confident that the transaction will be successfully completed because you involved an experienced short sale specialist at your expense.

Lien holder employees behave differently when they realize the commission stated on the HUD is not mine. That I work for a set fee and my only objective is to complete the transaction with an equitable solution for all parties involved.

I Offer Both Seller and Buyer Services.

Short Sale Negotiation on Behalf of the Seller Agent and Homeowner
My service is all inclusive. Below is a list of the steps I include in every Short Sale file.

  • Discuss and plan strategy for successful completion.
  • Work with the Seller to compile and complete the short sale package for each lien holder.
  • Negotiate with each lien holder as per predetermined strategy.
  • Update all parties at least once per week or more often during critical periods in the process.
  • Work with Escrow regarding liens and HUD1 revisions.
  • Verify all tasks and milestones are completed in a timely manner.
  • Verify Approval letters include agreed upon terms.
  • Assist in Closing – verify all bank requirements are met before closing.
  • Closing – Verify Wire received and closing docs accepted.

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Short Sale Negotiation on Behalf of the Buyer Agent and Buyer
This is a new service that is becoming very popular with Buyer Agents.

Many buyers and buyer agents are hesitant about making an offer on a short sale because of the short sale process and being so dependent on the listing agent for the success of the transaction.

Instead of flying blind through the process you can now confidently update your client on the status of their offer from beginning to successful completion.

This service does not involve collection of documents or negotiations. The seller must agree to sign an authorization allowing me to contact each lien holder for the purpose of obtaining the current status of the file. If necessary, advice will be given if a problem or situation occurs. Participation in conference calls is also part of the service.

Buyers are impressed with agents who hire their own short sale specialist to look out for their interests. Stand out from the crowd!

For More Information Call 323-327-6829

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