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Black Knight Home Price Index Up 5.4% Year-Over-Year

  • At $260K, the U.S. HPI is up 30.4 percent from the market’s bottom and is just 2.9 percent off the June 2006 peak
  • For the third consecutive month, Washington State led all states with 1.9 percent appreciation, with the Seattle and Walla Walla metro areas seeing 2.0 percent growth
  • Despite climbing nearly 45 and 43 percent from the national market’s bottom, Arizona and Florida remain approximately 24 percent off their respective peaks
  • All states and metro areas experienced positive price movement in April, with five of the 20 largest states and 14 of the 40 largest metros hitting new peaks.

Austin, TX ($299K)
Boston, MA ($419K)
Charlotte, NC ($207K)
Dallas, TX ($230K)
Denver, CO ($351K)
Houston, TX ($225K)
Kansas City, MO ($180K)
Nashville, TN ($231K)
Pittsburgh, PA ($190K)
Portland, OR ($346K)
San Antonio, TX ($200K)
San Francisco, CA ($765K)
San Jose, CA ($921K)
Seattle, WA ($401K)

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