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U.S. Home Prices Hit Another New Peak, Up 5.8 Percent Year-Over-Year

At $272K, the national-level HPI continued its upward trend, hitting another new peak in March 2017, marking a 2.3 percent gain in home prices since the start of the year.

San Jose, Calif., led the nation’s metropolitan areas with 2.6 percent monthly appreciation, followed by Seattle at 2.4 percent; the top 10 best-performing metros all saw monthly price gains of two percent or higher

Three metropolitan areas have seen home prices rise by five percent or more since the start of the year: San Francisco (5.0 percent); Seattle (5.9 percent); and San Jose, Calif. (6.4 percent)

Home prices in eight of the nation’s 20 largest states and 15 of the 40 largest metros hit new peaks in March

The state of California was up 1.6% for the month while the gain in Los Angeles was 1.6%, San Francisco 2.2% and Sacramento 2.0%.

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