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No More Offshoring: Nationstar Moving All Customer Service Operations Back to the U.S.

I have my issues with Nationstar but I fully applaud their latest initiative to close down their offshore service centers.

Nationstar Mortgage (soon to be Mr. Cooper) announced Wednesday that it is bringing its customer service operations back to the U.S. to help improve the customer experience.

“Our customers shared with us that speaking to U.S. based representatives would make their service experience better, so we prioritized that feedback and have invested in moving all of our call center operations back to the United States,” CEO Jay Bray said in a release. “Our goal is to deliver unmatched care and service to our customers day in and day out, and we believe this investment will have a meaningful impact on our customers and their home loan experience.”

Nationstar opened a new call center in Longview, Texas, in 2016 and also operates customer service call centers in Dallas, Texas, and Chandler, Arizona.

Nationstar said that the move will create 500 new jobs in the U.S.

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