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April California Home Sales Up 9.0 Percent from March

Property Radar - April sales were 37,009 up from 33,946 in March. The increase in sales volume was predominantly due to the 9.2 percent gain in non-distressed property sales that accounted for 83.0 percent of total sales.

“For the second consecutive month, California property sales were higher than a year earlier,” said Madeline Schnapp, Director of Economic Research for PropertyRadar.

The median price of a California home was $405,000 in April, a gain of $12,000, or 3.1 percent from $393,000 in March. For the month, median prices rose in 19 of California’s largest 26 counties. The counties that saw the biggest median price increases were Contra Costa (+5.15 percent), Santa Cruz (+6.72 percent), and San Francisco (+11.1 percent).

On a year-over-year basis, the median price of a California home was up 8.0 percent from $375,000 in April 2014. Four of California’s largest counties experienced double digit year-over-year price increases. Those counties were San Francisco (+23.6 percent), San Luis Obispo (+15.7 percent), San Mateo (+15.0 percent) and Santa Cruz (+14.6 percent).

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